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FACER 2 FACER: Super Bowl LV pits old school, new school QBs

Editor’s Note: “This Is The Place Sports” founders Dirk and Austin Facer‚ father and son, provide a weekly opinion-based conversation on a sports topic. 

DIRK: I’ve never been a fan of the New England Patriots. I respect what the franchise has accomplished over the years, but I never really rooted for them to get any of it done. The same can be said of Tom Brady. 

Now that he’s the ripe old age of 43, though, my feelings have changed. I want to see him win one (another that is) for the aged. Yeah, that includes me. Don’t get me wrong, though, I think Patrick Mahomes is pretty darn good (so do the guys signing his paychecks, obviously). However, this is all about backing the veteran in the Super Bowl.  

I think it was Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) who put it best in the cinematic masterpiece “Dumb and Dumber.” He noted that “Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.”

It’s hard to argue with such logic, especially what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wanted him to do — make the transition from New England and lead them to the Super Bowl. Question is, will his 10th appearance in the NFL championship game end well?  History says there’s a good chance and remember what Lloyd had to say about that: “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

AUSTIN: You know, I think most of the time Brady is a pretty safe bet. He is without a doubt, the most experienced quarterback on the biggest stage in sports, of all time. In normal circumstances, I would say he has the edge over his opponent for that reason alone.

However, in this year’s edition of the Big Game, Brady is not facing a wide-eyed, happy-to-be-here team or quarterback. Mahomes and the Chiefs have been here before. In case you forgot over the last 12 months — it’s understandable, it’s been a crazy year — Kansas City won Super Bowl LIV on a thrilling second-half comeback led by Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid. They won’t be starstruck by Brady’s presence, as large as it may loom, going into an opportunity to repeat as world champs. Expect the Chiefs to be calm, collected and confident. I see this as the final step in Mahomes’ ascent to the throne as the face of football for the foreseeable future. While the old man (Brady) will do everything in his power to resist, I think Kansas City will roll to the win, passing the torch to a new generation.

Score one for the millennials. Sorry, geezers.

DIRK: Back to the geezers. On behalf of Brady, I submit the following credentials. He’s won six titles already and is set to become the first quarterback to start in a Super Bowl in three different decades. It’s not hard to make the case for Brady as the G.O.A.T. For us older folks, that means the greatest of all time.

As good as Mahomes is, that’s a lot of ground to make up. And yes, I realize it’s just one game and not a lifetime achievement accolade. Give me a break, though. I’m old and stubborn. So much so, in fact, that I’m kind of pulling for the old guy to win this matchup.

Regardless of the outcome, this Super Bowl promises to be one for the ages — in a variety of ways. Tampa Bay is the first team to play a Super Bowl in its home stadium; there’s the whole pandemic issue with limited crowd size and such; and Brady’s ability to get the job done as a guy closing in on AARP eligibility.

Those who can relate have someone to cheer on in the big game. Hopefully, there won’t be a lot of Depends and Geritol commercials to ruin the occasion. Unless, of course, they’re accompanied by some sweet deals at the store.

AUSTIN: While I don’t think either of us really knows what the outcome will be; although I strongly suspect that the Chiefs will win, one thing is for sure: there will definitely be three or four commercials featuring Cleveland QB Baker Mayfield. Seriously, how many sponsors does this guy have? He’s on TV as much as Michael Strahan or Kevin Hart, and I didn’t think that was physically possible. What’s the over/under on Baker commercials? It’s got to be higher than the over/under on Kansas City interceptions thrown.

You do make some good points though. I think Tampa Bay does have an advantage playing in the familiar confines of its own stadium. That’s a big deal as traveling and dealing with the mania of Super Bowl prep is a huge demand for any team. The Bucs have half of that obstacle out of mind. It’ll be big for the team to stay at home, practice at their own facility, and likely have to spend just one night away from home, as most teams — even when playing at home — usually spend the night before the game in a hotel.

Although, as Brady showed earlier this year when he wandered into the wrong house in the Tampa Bay area, maybe he doesn’t have the staying-at-home advantage all figured out. The man had a hard time finding his own house.

Maybe he’s getting senile. I know you are.

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