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“This is the right place”
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FACER BOYS: Here, there and yes, a lot of other places

You’ve probably noticed that our content posting has been a bit spotty at times.

There’s been a number of reasons for that, but finally, we have one that we feel comfortable sharing: we got hired.

Dirk will be joining the UteZone crew as a featured columnist while Austin will be taking the reins as the host of Locked On Utes for the Locked On Podcast Network.

It’s been an interesting experience trying to keep ourselves still a part of the sports media scene here in Utah. We’ve learned a lot by trying to do our own thing. At times, we haven’t been able to put in the effort we’ve wanted to, and as we said above there have been a few reasons why, some of which we might share at a later date, some we might not.

Still, working on this project together has been a lot of fun. Our favorite thing to do as a team is hosting our podcast – often with the help of our many friends in the business. We’ve both learned to lean into our personalities, something we probably wouldn’t have felt totally comfortable with if we had to answer to a boss or whatever. It’s been a good bonding experience for us as well.

This Is The Place Sports isn’t going anywhere. We are trying to figure out a way to retool in a way that’s more manageable for both of us. We might switch to a Substack newsletter or something, who knows. The point is, wanting to give our best to our new employers — who are also our friends — we might have to put working on this site on the back burner at times. We hope you understand and continue to follow us in our other endeavors.

We are grateful for your support and are excited to continue to have our voices in the local sports scene.

Dirk and Austin

This Is The Place Sports