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Steve Klauke hits 30 years in the Salt Lake City market

SALT LAKE CITY — “All aboard Amtrak” doesn’t have a ring to it like the signature call of broadcaster Steve Klauke. Even so, that could have been the case had the voice of the Salt Lake Bees and Weber State Wildcats taken a different path. Known for his “It’s up there, it’s out there and it is gone” phrase in baseball, Klauke applied for a position with the rail carrier before landing a radio job in Salt Lake City 30 years ago.

Klauke, who had been without full-time employment for nearly 19 months at the time, was chosen from a pool of 70 or so applicants to do pregame and postgame shows for the Utah Jazz. In retrospect, he said was “fortunate enough” to get the position.

“At that point, when I first got the job, I was just happy to be employed again, happy to have just moved up in my reach for employment working for an NBA team,” said Klauke, who is from Illinois. “So I didn’t know what the future held.”

Turns out, it held a lot for Utah radio listeners over the past three decades. Klauke is in the midst of his 27th season with the Bees organization and is on schedule to call his 4,000th game during the 2022 campaign.

In 2015, Klauke also became the play-by-play voice for Weber State. Other duties over the years include broadcasting games for Major League Baseball, the Utah Grizzlies, University of Utah athletics, the Utah Jazz and preps. Other opportunities from opposing teams have all surfaced along the way.

“I really got into this business because I love calling games,” Klauke said. “To me, it’s all about between the lines and between the Bees and Weber State football and basketball, I couldn’t be happier with what I’m doing.”

Klauke has found a lot of success since making the move from the Chicago area.

Ballpark Digest named Klauke its minor league National Broadcaster of the Year in 2014. He’s a three-time Utah Sportscaster of the Year, winning the award in 1995, 2014, and 2016.

“A couple of things I was hoping for didn’t go my way, but that’s neither here nor there at this point,” Klauke said. “I’m just happy with what I’m doing. I look back on it and I can’t believe my good fortune in coming out here.”

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